How to make Paper Candy Crafts for kids

Friends is a shiny from origami tree and today I'm going to show you how to make this cute itty bitty paper candy so for this project you're going to need a square sheet of paper this is a 3in square you also need a pair of scissors some Ribbon or string or twine I want to be using Baker's twine because I just think it looks really pretty and I had it lying around so why not and also some glue stick or any type of adhesive I also have a ruler here that I'm going to use to help me guide myself along the way and I'll show you why I'm choosing to use a ruler rather than just folding you know without a ruler but anyway so here we go we're going to take our we p a or round so th e the he with the colour side is facing down towards the table away from us so what you want to do if you want to fold up about half inch so I got my ruler here this is about

an inch it doesn't have to be exact and now you want to do is you want to take your glue stick and where did that but a little bit of glue right over here so just go right there you are t to you want to take this and you want to align the bottom side with a top side so let's just take this and want to fold it all the way up and we're going to Kris it fly t ten flatten Kris at the bottom then I after that we 're going that we're going to fold it in half again and so where to take the bottom side with a line It To the top side and we are going to Kris were to see want to find the CenterPoint a spine the centre point but I don't want to make a crease because then I'll make a crease on the body of the candy bar and I don't really want to see that there they're so this is about the is a 3in square so one and a half inch about right over here I'm just going to

my finger right here so I don't forget and then you're to take one of the sides maybe you're right or left doesn't matter and you're going to fold it to to that CenterPoint t a real a really really nice d you do the s e do the same thing on the left side so you going to put that and fold it towards the centre you go t to live got two little barn doors if you do st you just want to guesstimate the centre point between here and here so I'm going to think I'm going to say is right about the right there and you go to take a pair of scissors and you're going to cut at an angle not right at the Centerpoint but just slightly above it so and we want to do the same thing on this corner as well so when we do it on this corner you want to make sure you don't cut right at this tip otherwise this it's just going to fall off a break so you want to do right before the the tip so that you have a little paper left over here

work you were t you want to turn it around and do the same thing on this side so when you do it on the side you sort of want to kind of make sure it's around the same you know but they're both the same otherwise you have a little bit of a crooked candy bar but that's okay if it is so we're headed to like that we have a we have her two little barn door is looking like that we are going to open it up and you can already see the candy shape shape kind of forming want to make little zigzag on the side now this party is actually optional but I think it looks better when they're there are zigzag so you can do you know three Speights like I'm doing or you can do more a oing to do going to do three do it e same do the same thing on this side from with from go ing to be easy er if easier

you use a smaller pair of scissors I just happen to have this really giant one lying around so I'm using a big one but definitely easier if you use a smaller one for smaller Cuts Like This so now you have your candy almost done we are going to open everything reminds me of like those little snowflakes used to make when you're an elementary in elementary school and if you're still in elementary school and you're watching this then you hopefully you know what I'm talking about but anyway we're going to open it up ky tick your face finger in finger in there looks really cool when it's opened up like that 's why at you were to o do that's what you want to do you want to take your twine your Ribbon your string whatever it is you want to use and we're going to snip a little bit when the latest I'm going to lay this on the table laid a candy on top is it ll s f time does self a little bow you can type O he can tie a knot I like to make a bow cuz I think it's just inherently cute and

should she was just kind of cinch at the centre the couch thing I f out thing about this is that you can actually put like a little Treasures in here like a little little beads or maybe mini candies or something on the inside before you seal off the side I'm not going to do it because I just want to show you guys how to make it so but you definitely can put something on the inside which would be kind of cool maybe roll up a dollar bill or something we go is now s no is not too tight otherwise you just going to break like the t you like that your itty-bitty paper candy is done thank you so much for watching if you would like to make more paper Foods that were origami food food make sure you check out my whole origami food playlist I have a cheeseburger french fries fish and chips chicken drumstick dinner type thing bacon and eggs the all super duper fun make sure you hit subscribe to support this Channel and give this video a

up leave a comment letting me know what you would like me to make next and I will see you next bye bye