How to Make Ninja Father's Day Card for Kids

Ninja, my hubby adores everything. Over the last 10 - 12 years, he has watched all episodes and read the manga for over 5 - 7 Japanese shounen series. Ninjas, he claims, aren't simply about combat.

They teach self-discipline and the need of defending the innocent, which is an excellent model for children to follow.

So, for his birthday this year, we decided to surprise him with a ninja card! Our daughter then wished her Papa Ninja with a nice note written inside in her own inimitable manner. This would also be a great Father's Day craft.



Cardstock Paper Black Marker Scissor MATERIALS:

1. Fold a piece of white cardstock in half.

2. Trace and cut out the ninja's face. Make the ninja's mask outline.

3. Create the ninja's eyes and brows.

4. Use black to color the eyes, brows, and mask.

5. Allow your child to personalize the card by writing a sweet note for Dad.

That concludes our discussion. Your cute ninja card is all set to surprise Daddy!