How to Make / Fold an Origami Gnome Finger Puppet

 I went to make the adorable known finger puppets you going to need of course a sheet of paper this is 3 in 3in by 3in and it is white on one side and coloured on the other side you're also going to need a writing utensil I'll just be using a fine Sharpie and I'll be drawing in a little faces with that and also some tape this is a kitty dispenser by buy scotch and it is my favourite tape dispenser at the moment he is so cute and everything let's get started so you would have taken Square sheet of paper in there flipping around so that the colour side is facing down away from you towards the to able Earth a n thing and have to create a or l going to take we're going to take this side over here and a line it with the centre Kris that you just made the folded diagonally and note d a nice sharp point on the right side to create the Hat we ere repeat on

on this side may ht to point of a point over there and w you want to talk a he s take this tip and aligned with this tip so is it a tips over to fold it straight the ing he entire Earth on er thing over and fold it down as far or as little as you wanted to go so this going to be the face I'm going to flood of worried about their priests that and make sure that this tip is a line with a vertical Center Kris Kris going ing to make e the room of rim of the hats over to fold it down just a little bit I will s for posed ng her over and I was flipping around and fold allow these edges so this one over here and this one over here here for the back aligned edges and h here's a a now there's a little triangle for me me do the same thing on this 0 e entire Earth in ound thing around and decorate the little ished drawing a s s face his face you're going to flip the entire thing around unfold the right

and left lap and then take the right flap and flip it into the slot of a left one so we'll just go to bring this towards the centre like this and slip the right one and we're right inside like that looking d the is this down with my love with my left hand while I go grab a small piece of tape with my right hand so here is to be safe you don't need a lot take that right there flipping around with the th your phone nd puffs t finger ou so much Chihuahua atching a ching at first ching out for sticking ching out for sticking around and see the Vet until the very end of the day and I hope you enjoy those Oregon origami finger puppet super adorable personally if you like to see something else to my channel be sure you leave a comment below letting me know what you would like to see and I'll try to get to as many as possible and again if you are not subscribe to my channel already be sure you hit that subscribe button and also the notification Bell right now next to the subscriber next to the subscriber now I'm out I told me videos you videos all year round I also have some new

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